Finding Purpose as a Stay-At-Home Mom

Over the past decade, I've had periods of being a stay-at-home mom, a part-time working mom and an (almost) full-time working mom. Honestly, I found being a stay-at-home mom to be the most challenging. It was so easy to get overwhelmed and bogged down by endless piles of laundry, my screaming children and isolation. There was a period where my own mom was working full-time, I didn't have any mom friends yet, and I had a new baby at home.

It was difficult. Incredibly, heart-wrenching, tear-jerking tough for me. I'm a complete extrovert, and being isolated with my baby was so hard. I wondered constantly if this was God's will and timing for my life.

So now, as a counselor, although I do work, my heart still aches for those new moms I work with, who furtively glance around before asking if it's normal to feel overwhelmed and lost. Although social media allows for connection, it also puts pressure on all moms. We start feeling like "everyone else" is doing crafts, making homemade baby food and jogging with their little ones in strollers. Daily.

And then we feel like since we aren't doing those things beautifully and perfectly, we aren't doing it right.

And if you aren't doing the mom thing "right," and you are staying at home to raise and mother your children, what is the point of it all?

I'm judging a competition for the best blog post in a Christian Bloggers group I'm part of, and there were amazing entries this month. I'm sharing several of them on my blog so you all can enjoy them!  One of my favorites was from Hargraves Home and Hearth titled:

Rebekah lays out the importance of the great commission in all of our lives in such a beautiful way. I love her quote:

"If, however, for this season of your life at least, He has called you to live at home surrounded by your children day in and day out, that is the mission field He has in mind for you."

It is truly a beautiful post with tons of encouragement for stay-at-home mommas! I hope you find encouragement in it, or can use these words to encourage the moms around you who are struggling! Please check it out and let me know what you think!

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  1. Oh, Hilary, you are so sweet! Thank you for those encouraging words. I'm so glad you enjoyed the article. <3 Thank you for sharing!

    1. It was so awesome and I shared it a bunch! If you want to see the Facebook post, you can always find my page at !