Hey y'all. My name is Hilary. I'm a social worker, mother, wife and most importantly, I am a child of God. I've had blogs in the past, often revolving around cooking, recipes, and crafting, but they often left me feeling hollow. I kept searching for something - meaning, validation, more followers, but over the last few years, I realized that a successful blog has nothing to do with how many people like my page on Facebook. Instead, the best blogs are the ones rich with meaning, where people share their hearts and thoughts and are honest about their struggles.

I've been a Christian my whole life, but I still struggle with seeking God through His Word daily. I hope to use this blog as a place to share my thoughts on the Bible, life and motherhood. I want to write about ways to better your life. I work as a counselor part-time and I'm passionate about helping people. I've read numerous articles that talk about the disconnect between psychology and God, yet, I've spent the past 8 1/2 years trying to integrate the two, and believe that all of us, with God's help can improve our lives. My hope is to write about the issues we all struggle with - mental health, depression, fear, parenting, insecurity - through a God-focused lens. There is so much pressure to be perfect (thanks Pinterest and church legalism!). My hope is that this is a safe place, where people can be honest about the tough times (including me!) and that I can offer some hope.

I've been so blessed over the past few years. I have a life full of meaningful relationships and I've seen God do amazing things in my life and the lives of others. Don't get me wrong, it has not been all sunshine and roses. I've dealt with some significant setbacks, and there are midnight hours where I have to repeat Joshua 1:9 over and over to myself, but ultimately, because of God's love, every day that I have is blessed.

Thank you for joining me, I'll see you soon!

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